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My First Adidas Shoes In My Life!!!

Hi everyone I’m Melly.I really sorry to everyone because I doesn’t post a new blog for a long time because I really buzy with my final exam and now it’s finally done.Thank god it’s done.The final exam is really hard and stressful.I do my best for it (wish me a good luck hihi).I hope you guys having an amazing day today.If today isn’t good don’t worry because better day are coming to you.So today I want to tell you about my first Adidas shoes.To be honest I don’t like Adidas but end the end of the day I suddenly like it.Recently, when I go outside or shopping mall mostly everyone will wear an Adidas shoes and I know it really lit right now.A few month ago,me and my mom go to the shopping mall and my mom wanted to go to Adidas Neo store.My mom wanted to buy Adidas sport shoes for jogging and exercise.The reason why my mom wanted to buy it because my sister damaged my mom sports shoes and my mom have to buy a new one for herself.Alright back to the Adidas Neo store,when I entered to the store I sat on the chair because I quick borin g(because when my mom go to store or any else shop she always took a long time at there).My mom was searched a nice sports shoes for her and at the same time she found a nice pink Adidas sports shoes.She wanted me to try that shoes because she said that shoes look suit for me.When I saw the shoes that my mom wanted me to try I really like it because it’s pink and it’s my favourite colour.To be honest,my mom always know my favourite and my taste.My mom said to me that I want the Adidas shoes or not and I said I want it because it really nice and affordable.My mom reserved her shoes and my shoes to buy for next week and I pay half for my shoes by using my own money and my mom really proud to me because I can pay half that shoea by using my own money in a young age.After a few week,my mom go to the Adidas Neo store again to take her shoes,my shoes and my sister shoes.And I sorry again everyone I forget to tell you that my mom buy a new present for my sister birthday and it’s Adidas shoes.After she bought that shoes she went home.I always waiting her when she back home.When my mom at home I really excited to see my new shoes and I wanted to jump because my mom surprised me with Adidas pink polka dot socks and it really suit with my shoes.I really thank to my mother because she bought me that shoes and the socks and I really love you so much Mama.I also feel thankful because I can have and wear Adidas shoes and I really know not all person can have Adidas shoes or buy it because sometimes it really over price and I really thank to god because give me a chance to buy it.Thank you everyone for read this freaking  long blog and I hope you will enjoy read my blog.Two more things, don’t forget to comment and like my blog because I want to know my blog is good or not so far and don’t forget to see my new post in blog every week.Bye.#itsAdidasshoes #ireallylikeit #OMGitspink


Hi guys I hope you guys had an amazing day today,if today isn’t good don’t worry because betters day are coming to you.So today I really boring at home and I just think I want to make a Q&A.The reason why I want to make this Q&A because I want you guys know me as well as you can and I want to interact with you guys.You can ask me any questions that you want.I will answer all questions that you ask me.I hope you will ask me over 50 question(Haha it looks like impossible but it is my wish).You can ask me at the comment and I will answer it as fast as I can and don’t forget to ask me a lot of questions.Bye. #askme #imreallybored #let’sinteractwithmelly

First time buy it with my own money!!!

Hi everyone I hope you had a good day today if today isn’t good don’t worry because betters day are coming to you.The reason why I write this blog because I really happy.This my first time buying online by use my own money.I bought Zoella 3 in 1 beauty bag and it so pretty.The reason why I bought this beauty bag because I really obsessed with Zoella.Zoella is an English youtuber,author,bloggers and many more.She also selling her own product called Zoella Beauty and Zoella Lifestyle.I really proud to myself because I can using my own my money to buy online.Recently, when I want to buy online my mother always pay it to me now I can pay it by myself.I hope you will enjoy read my blog and thanks if you read my blog I really appreciate it.One more thing don’t forget to comment and like my blog because I want to know my blog is good or not so far.Bye.

#The Nervously Day Ever 

On 28 July 2017, I’m really happy because I got HKA at my school.I get number 1 in my class and best subject of Islamic in year-old examinations.I super happy because this is my first time get HKA at school.I rehearsal about 3 days.It’s very tired but I really enjoy it.The day has come I really exited and at the same time I also nervous.My mom come to my school to see me receive HKA.My heart was pounding and my hand also cold because I really nervous.I have to wait my turn to receive HKA.And it’s my turn already to go on the stage to receive it.Of course I really nervous.After that, I go down stage because my turn already finished and meanwhile I saw my BM teacher she smiled to me and said congratulations to me.I said thank you while smiling to her.That day was really fast.I really happy and I hope next year I’ll receive HKA again.Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy it.And don’t forget to see my another’s post in this blog.Bye.                                        #imreallynervous                                              #forthefirsttimeinforever                              #iwouldnotforgetthisday


Yesterday I’m so mad to myself because I deleted all my selfie picture in my phone gallery.The reason why I deleted it because my phone storage is very full so I’ve to delete it and suddenly I deleted my selfie gallery.By the way, last year the same mistake happened to me and it happens again for this year.I really mad until now.Today I supposed upload my new selfie picture on my Instagram suddenly I deleted it.So I hope the next year will not happen again.Next weak, I have to make my new selfie and upload it on my Instagram.And I hope you will enjoy read my blog and don’t forget be positive and productive.Bye.#IHATETHIS #THISISWORSE #BYEMYPRETTYSELFIE

#Good Luck My Lion Sister

 Actually this is an old picture.I see this image in my phone gallery.I get an idea to write something about her.She is my sister.Her name is Alin.I always call her Lion Sister because she very fience.I always quarrel with her, but sometimes we may be justified.We always watch Korean dramas and Running Man.She always cares about me and she always supported me.I realy love her so much as my sister and my friend.Today she will take an exam, I hope she did wisely to answer all questions in the exam.Good luck Alin.#Saranghae

#I Love My Best Friend

Her name is Syahirah but I always called her Cinderella. She is my best friend since I was 7 years old until now. Right now our age are 13 years old. We have entered into high school but unfortunately I can’t be with her at school that she learned now and I feel very sad. But we always chatting on WhatsApp to make us feel not far from each other. We always advise each other and we also like to watch this variety show its called Running Man. Members Running Man is that she likes is Kim Jong Kook. We also like K-pop. She loves K-pop boy group. The name of the group that she likes is BTS. Members in the BTS group that she likes is JungKook. Every Friday we always meet together to chat, study group or playing badminton. I really love her so much and I hope our friendship remained until heaven.